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Policies • Should any product we mail to you be in any way defective or unsatisfactory we will mail you a replacement. If a download file does not work or is otherwise unsatisfactory we can offer you a replacement.
• All sales are final and refunds are not offered, However, alternate product may be offered.
• Privacy policy: We do not maintain a record of credit card numbers. We do maintain names and addresses which are held in a secure database. The server software is updated regularly to maintain the highest level of protection from intrusion. We do not share our information with any other parties.
• We email our customers about once per month announcing new movies. You may opt out by replying with REMOVE.
Movie Downloads • Our movies have to be fully downloaded to your computer before viewing. These large mpegs, compressed with either the xvid or h.264 codecs, are generally between 650 mb and 1.3 gb in size. Your internet connection should be DSL or faster and depending on your ISP connection to our server in Texas it will take anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours to download a movie. Our server is well-maintained and normally very fast. If you are getting a slow or intermitant connection it is most likely a temporary problem between your ISP and our server and therefore beyond our control - try again some hours later. The picture quality of the movie files is excellent, but not as good as the original DVD. Movies were compressed at differenet times with different software and encoding variations so they may not all play with your media player. We recommend that you download the free VLC Player as it will play all the movies without problem. If your movie still will not play it is because the download was not complete; please download the movie again.
Lost Download Files We highly recommend that you store your movie files on drives/media that are backed up in some way. Many customers collect dozens of titles over the years and one day their drive fails. In this case we can replace the titles you previously bought for just $5 per title - this covers our admin time, bandwidth, and encourages you to set up your own proper back-ups at home. We will discount larger quantities (over 20), depending on the titles. Please note that some older titles have been removed from our system and cannot be reissued to you.
Converting your Downloads to DVDs • Roxio Toast makes DVD burning software which allows you convert just about any video files to DVD.
Credit Card Processing • Credit card sales through our processor will appear on your card statement as something like: "YLCPR0CESS". All amounts are in US dollars. If your currency is different your card providor will do the conversion that appears on your bill. If there should be any problem at all please contact us right away and we can deal with any corrections that might need to be done. We can handle this better and fast than your bank or credit card company.
Mail Order We no longer offer mail-order products
Program Details • The CoccoVision video team continually looks at many video submissions and chooses only the best to make available on this website. Usually further editing has been done to ensure interesting and exciting content from beginning to end without "filler" and bad shooting. Still, these videos were recorded mostly by non-professionals and so the quality of the videography will vary. Mostly it is excellent, but sometimes the shooting is shakey but we have kept it in the video because we think the subject is interesting. Typically 2 hours of raw video will be edited down to 80 minutes to keep only the best footage. Note that some videos do not have sound and most videos have the website name superimposed as copyright protection in the bottom corner. We have to do this because of the amount of pirating that is going on.
Video Partnerships • Sell your videos here and earn a generous royalty! If you have shot even just a little video at an event or beach or other nude situation we are interested. Your video may be used as a CoccoClip at or if your video is good enough we may offer you a deal to sell it here. Contact or any of our other email addresses.

CoccoVision partners have their own on-line admin login where they can track sales. We issue payments and reports according to schedule and offer a variety of payment methods including check, wire transfer, money order.
Dispute Resolution • If you have ANY problem at all (if your order does not arrive, or if you are charged twice, or any other complication) please contact us first at Do not contact the credit card processing company or your credit card company - if you do this it will be a headache for you and it costs us extra money. We will get back to you quickly and we can issue refunds or make other adjustments you might need.

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